I’d spent my entire career in sports & entertainment working for arguably the biggest brand in the business. On paper, and more importantly as a woman in sports, I had achieved what many would consider career success. So why wasn’t I happy?

Most of us have found ourselves at a crossroads in our careers at some point. And after 20+ years, it’s normal to have peaks and valleys. But this was different. Our company had undergone significant leadership changes over the previous few years, and while my work portfolio and responsibilities continued to grow, my alignment with our company values decreased.

All the while I kept telling myself I was crazy to consider leaving. I had a great salary, perks and a team of people that I took pride in leading and didn’t want to let down. But my work environment had changed and I wasn’t finding fulfillment or passion from my job. Eventually it was clear: it was time to make a change.

Change is scary – really scary when you’re transitioning as a woman in your mid-forties. And it’s also risky. The consequences – financially, emotionally and socially – are far reaching. I’d spent over 20 years cultivating a successful career, developing professional connections and personal relationships, and walking away was at times complicated and disconcerting. In moments of insecurity I would wonder, was I crazy to do this?

Leaning into my career transition took commitment—both to explain to others, but also to justify to myself. But ultimately, it was the most liberating and empowering decision of my life.

When I left I chose to take a breather, and I embraced my newfound ability to walk my kids to school, reconnect with friends and prioritize my health and wellness. The year I invested nurturing relationships is one of the most fulfilling I’ve spent. I surrounded myself with positive people who believed in me and filled me with confidence and curiosity.

I also spent time networking and developing a clear vision about how I wanted to reshape my professional life. I wanted my new job to have a positive impact on our world. I wanted to work in an environment that supported women and their development, and I wanted to challenge myself. But most importantly, it was imperative my new job align with my values.

I am happy to say it didn’t take me long to find a new career that checked the right boxes. I work in a dynamic industry in a position that is meaningful and fulfilling. I stepped out of my comfort zone, stretched myself professionally, and am so happy I did so.

It’s also these experiences that have helped shape our passion project, emerge. I am so excited to partner with my childhood besties to flip the script. We all come at this from a different place, but with the united goal of supporting women as they transition or reignite their careers. The time is now – come join our conversation!