For most of us it kind of feels like the whole world has come to a grinding halt. There’s never been anything quite like this. So we wanted to bring you some practical advice if you are currently looking for work, but also share with you a few fun things to do with all that spare time. 

You might be wondering if you can still look for a job right now. Well the answer is yes, but pause for a moment, because you might have to rethink how to go about it. Now is the time to define and refine your job search by focusing on the things you can control, such as: 

  1. Keep networking, but just do it online. Look at professional groups that you can join on LinkedIn and Facebook, and join in.
  2. Do some research. If you know which companies you have your eye on to work for, see how they are doing during this crazy time, and how management has reacted to this situation. You can learn a lot about a company’s culture by how they manage this kind of situation, and whether you want to work for them when it’s all over. 
  3. Get clarity. If you’re stuck at home, do some deep thinking. Yes, I know that can be hard when the kids are jumping around your living room, but the whole country is on pause, and if you can really think about where you want to land when things start to ramp up again, that is a great use of your time.
  4. Update your skills. This pause is also the perfect time to look at online courses and take the ones you have been considering. Right now many of them are also offering discounts, and some are even free, so take advantage of that. 

Okay so now on to the fun stuff. Here are a few of our favourite things that may help you to cope over the next little while as we run out of things to do while staying at home. Let me be clear that by no means is this a “should do” list! We each need to do whatever is right for us, as individuals, to stay mentally and emotionally healthy. It is, however, a compilation of ideas for anyone looking for…well, ideas!

So here goes – a few things to keep you busy. 

Some great movies from years past (Full disclosure, we may have a small addiction to romantic comedies around here): 

  1. The Princess Bride
  2. Sliding Doors
  3. Cinema Paradiso
  4. Mystic Pizza
  5. Made of Honour
  6. The Proposal
  7. The Joy Luck Club

Next, since most of us now have more time to clean around the house (no, really!), how about… cleaning behind your refrigerator! Okay, we at Emerge may be having some disagreement regarding whether this qualifies as ‘fun,’ but for those of you that like the idea, did you know that you’re supposed to pull it out from the wall to clean behind it once every year? Apparently this prolongs its life and prevents dust from getting in the vents. Lucky you, here is a guide to help you do it properly.

And because none of us have an excuse not to workout these days, we would like to add our favourite quick, 30-minute, no equipment required and limited space workout.

Looking for a quick and tasty meal for the kids? Here are a few sites we love.


So you’ve gotten your job search going, cleaned behind the fridge, worked out and fed your kids, now what? Well if you’d like to take a little time just for you, this website recommends something we love at the end of a busy day…wine!

We hope you feel a little bit better and a little more in control, something we can all use right now. This is perhaps not only a time of change, but also a time for change. If we take a few minutes to pause and take stock, reflect, and do what is right for each of us within the confines of this health crisis, we can each find a bit of opportunity. We will continue doing what we can to make that easier for everyone, as we move forward.

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From all of us at Emerge, stay healthy.