Business as (Un)usual

Canadian jobseekers – and jobseekers around the world – are moving through an extremely challenging time. The economy has been turned on its head, and businesses are scrambling to figure out what this new normal means. But ironically, especially if you are a woman considering re-entering the workforce, this may actually be a good time […]

What Moms Always Knew About Working From Home

With the new "work from home" environment, face time in the office just isn't possible anymore. We hope that this remains the new normal. This New York Times opinion piece explains why.   Read more

Recession-Proof Your Career

Throughout the world, “this pandemic will forever change the face of work. Within that lies opportunity if you know how to spot it and prepare for it,” says H.V. MacArthur. Her article in Forbes highlights several things you can do to help you find work you love in this unprecedented time. Interestingly, many of the things […]

Hang in there, we’ve got you

For most of us it kind of feels like the whole world has come to a grinding halt. There’s never been anything quite like this. So we wanted to bring you some practical advice if you are currently looking for work, but also share with you a few fun things to do with all that […]

Want a job in a new industry? You’re not alone

I have had a few different jobs in my 20+ year career. I started off as a journalist, then got into advertising, then the non-profit industry and am now an entrepreneur (albeit with a couple of marketing writing gigs on the side). When I embarked upon this latest venture, I didn’t realize what I was […]

Learn the best ways to age-proof your resumé

  Applying for a job as an older worker can be an intimidating process. Do you list your first job? How about the years you didn't work? When you graduated from university? What's the right thing to do? This article from The Muse has some great advice on how to age-proof your resumé, lean into [...]

Finding More Flow

Finding More Flow: Practical Tools to Help You Feel Better & Find More Success Need help getting past unhelpful ways of thinking that are holding you back in work or life? If you live in the Calgary area, register for this transformative wellness mindset workshop. It is designed to help professionals, leaders and other individuals shift [...]

Time for a Change

I’d spent my entire career in sports & entertainment working for arguably the biggest brand in the business. On paper, and more importantly as a woman in sports, I had achieved what many would consider career success. So why wasn’t I happy? Most of us have found ourselves at a crossroads in our careers at […]


About two years ago, I sat down for coffee with an old acquaintance from ‘before kids’.  She had worked as an Executive Director for Morgan Stanley in Asia for years with extensive experience in HR. I told her how I was looking for some professional opportunities, and was now being plagued by my decision six […]

Best Way to Network in a Small World

When you are trying to find a new job but literally everyone knows everyone, what can you do? Check out this article from The Muse for advice on building solid relationships through informational interviewing and discovering who in your network is trustworthy and can truly help you in your job hunt. Read more…

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