Business as (Un)usual

Canadian jobseekers – and jobseekers around the world – are moving through an extremely challenging time. The economy has been turned on its head, and businesses are scrambling to figure out what this new normal means. But ironically, especially if you are a woman considering re-entering the workforce, this may actually be a good time […]

Recession-Proof Your Career

Throughout the world, “this pandemic will forever change the face of work. Within that lies opportunity if you know how to spot it and prepare for it,” says H.V. MacArthur. Her article in Forbes highlights several things you can do to help you find work you love in this unprecedented time. Interestingly, many of the things […]

Want a job in a new industry? You’re not alone

I have had a few different jobs in my 20+ year career. I started off as a journalist, then got into advertising, then the non-profit industry and am now an entrepreneur (albeit with a couple of marketing writing gigs on the side). When I embarked upon this latest venture, I didn’t realize what I was […]

Learn the best ways to age-proof your resumé

  Applying for a job as an older worker can be an intimidating process. Do you list your first job? How about the years you didn't work? When you graduated from university? What's the right thing to do? This article from The Muse has some great advice on how to age-proof your resumé, lean into [...]

Why your company should recruit more women

Often referred to as the “confidence gap,” women are effectively screening themselves out of the candidate pool before they even apply. It's a uniquely gender-based problem. Women feel they need to meet all of a job’s criteria, while men typically apply if they meet 60% of the requirements. Read more 

Finding More Flow

Finding More Flow: Practical Tools to Help You Feel Better & Find More Success Need help getting past unhelpful ways of thinking that are holding you back in work or life? If you live in the Calgary area, register for this transformative wellness mindset workshop. It is designed to help professionals, leaders and other individuals shift [...]

Hire a Mom!

Want a real example of how your skills learned as a mom relate to real world jobs? Watch this TEDx talk to see how this executive at Google turned her time away from work into a valuable skill. Watch this.

Do you know what you are good at?

In spin class this morning, about three quarters of the way in, the part of the class where you are slogging through and just feel like taking all the tension off your wheel and faking it for the rest of the class, our instructor was trying to fire us up to stay motivated. He said […]

“emerging” in the gig economy

I heard a piece on CBC radio the other day about the shift of the economy from full-time jobs to something called the “gig economy.” Basically, experts believe that in a few years about 50% of us will be in jobs that are not the typical, full-time, one company-based work world, but rather jobs that [...]

Best Way to Network in a Small World

When you are trying to find a new job but literally everyone knows everyone, what can you do? Check out this article from The Muse for advice on building solid relationships through informational interviewing and discovering who in your network is trustworthy and can truly help you in your job hunt. Read more…

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