Canadian jobseekers – and jobseekers around the world – are moving through an extremely challenging time. The economy has been turned on its head, and businesses are scrambling to figure out what this new normal means. But ironically, especially if you are a woman considering re-entering the workforce, this may actually be a good time to re-start or pivot in your career. 

Opportunity now? Really?

Well, yes. Anecdotally, we know that we should face our fears, not run from them, and we also know that we should embrace change. Easy to say, but is that really true today and if so, how exactly does one embrace career change during this incredibly strange time? Especially if you are a woman with a gap in her resumé. Here’s what we are seeing and what you can to bring to the hiring table : 

  • Consider that recruiters are saying that there is a lot of positive activity going on in the job market because although there are industries at a stand still, there are also industries that are thriving. Staffers pivoting from one industry to another are becoming more common. 
  • A significant shift that is affecting candidate selection in the workplace is that soft skills are becoming increasingly key to employers’ recruitment process. Demonstrating adaptability and drawing on personal experience to demonstrate interpersonal and team skills, resilience, problem solving, creativity and innovativeness is now an important interview requirement. 
  • Experience, not just education, is key. Employers are becoming increasingly disenchanted with Generation Z and Millenials who haven’t yet developed their soft skills. Technical skills can be taught but soft skills are much harder to train. Moreover, soft skills are transferrable, which gives a definite edge in an evolving work world. 
  • The opportunity for women such as us who have ample soft skills and experience cannot be overlooked. Focus on the benefits of these skills! 
  • This is also the perfect time to get your resumé updated and your interview skills prepped.  

Although this pandemic will forever change many facets of the work world, the basic tenet will remain true that change brings opportunity.  Women who have been out of the workforce for a period of time or who are experienced but are wishing to make changes in their career path are well positioned to capitalize on this evolving scene. 

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